Treatment of limb ischemia

Limb circulation failure is usually caused by atherosclerosis (80%), less frequently by arthritis, vasculitis or various injuries. If untreated, critic ischemia may result in limb amputation. Usually, arterial reconstruction or radiology therapies used, which are aimed at reducing pain in the limbs and improving the microcirculation of the blood circulation.

However, such tactics do not eliminate the very cause of ischemia and do not prevent the progression of the disease, only delaying limb amputation.

Stem cell therapy is an entirely new and promising method for the treatment of critical limb ischemia. The procedure is based on the unique ability of stem cells to change into vascular cells. Clinical trials have confirmed the safety and efficacy of stem cell isolation from bone marrow and cord blood.

Due to the technology, used in Northway centres, stem cells and regenerative cells are being extracted in an automated and standardised manner. Unlike the other stem cell isolation methods, this system is completely closed. It eliminates the possibility of contamination with viruses and microorganisms, so technology is not only efficient but also the safest. It is innovative that stem cells are picked up, isolated and injected in ‘real-time’. All service from start to finish is done in the same centre and takes only a few hours.

As stem cell therapy is focused on addressing causes rather than consequences, it is likely that in the future this method will become the primary treatment for critical ischemia, which will prevent limb amputation and ensure the comfortable life of patients.

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