Sperm tests

Semen analysis is an examination of sperm, during which physical sperm properties, concentration, motility and morphology changes are examined.

Viability test reveals the percentage of viable sessile sperm. Immunological tests show potential cause of infertility. Other tests help to determine the number of spermatogenic cells and the white blood cells, or the agglutination of sperm cells. A short sperm test is performed when there is a need to find out how sperm rates have changed after the treatments.

Genetic study of sperm which shows DNA maturity

The hyaluronic binding assay (HBA) test allows fast and objective assessment of sperm quality. Also, this test shows reliable results of sperm maturity and DNA integrity. HBA test helps to reduce the miscarriage rates significantly in the group of patients with a low HBA number (≤65%).

The postcoital test

The postcoital test (PTC) is performed within a few hours after the intercourse. The analysis includes the examination of sperm motility in a natural environment. The anti-sperm antibodies in the woman's blood are also examined. This test is carried out in mutual incompatibility cases.

MiOXSYS - the test of sperm's oxidative stress

MiOXSYS is the most accurate, easiest and the fastest test in the market, analysing the sperm's oxidative stress levels. Fast in vitro diagnostic sperm examination sets the parameters of the quality of male sperm. When carrying out the MiOXSYS examination, male infertility diagnostic accuracy is enhanced. MiOXSYS is particularly useful in diagnosing unexplained infertility and infertility associated with varicocele, various infections and inflammations, poor sperm quality parameters, and identifying the reason why IVF procedures have failed. The negative impact of oxidative stress on male fertility has been shown in numerous studies. 25%-40% of all cases referring to male infertility are identified to be associated with oxidative stress-induced damage. Therefore, to ensure appropriate and effective treatment, it is important to carry out not only the standard test, examining the semen parameters but also to examine and evaluate the oxidative damage in the semen.

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