Endometrial PRP using PROSYS system

Many factors determine successful embryo implantation, but there is no doubt that one of the essential ones is the endometrial preparation to adopt the embryo. Drug treatment, cytokine therapy, or acupuncture are still widely applied for the endometrial preparation. However, the standard procedure rarely brings the desired results, sothe new PRP method was introduced.

What is PROSYS PRP system?

Using the PROSYS PRP system, the white blood cells are extracted, which the traditional PRP system is not capable of it. While PRP and the white blood cells interact, growth factors are distinguished, promoting natural healing processes.

The advantages of the PROSYS PRP system

During the traditional PRP therapy, the effects become visible after two months. Using Prosys PRP therapy, noticeable symptomatic improvement occurs sooner – usually in two weeks. Scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of this method before the embryo implantation. Researchers (Garcia-Velasco et al .: 2016: Aghajanova et al .: 2016.) have confirmed the positive effect of activated platelets to cell migration, proliferation, and differentiation. Thus, PRP is a safe and effective method.

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