Endometrial and ovarian PRP therapy

Northway centres provide the most advanced technologies and the resources of a woman's body – the endometrial and ovary therapy using platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

When treatment is applied?

Blood plasma enriched with platelets contains many growth factors. Platelet-rich plasma growth factors stimulate the regeneration of ovarian tissue. Chronic endometritis and uterine endometriosis might complicate embryo implantation, during natural pregnancy and assisted fertilization. After using PRP treatments, it is possible to continue IVF treatment and achieve better results. Having ovarian exhaustion syndrome PRP therapy may induce ovarian rejuvenation. PRP injected into the ovaries during perimenopause can restore menstrual cycles, allowing egg collection and later, fertilization. This innovative approach can help treat older women or women suffering from premature ovarian exhaustion syndrome and infertility. However, it is crucial to understand that PRP therapy is not one of the assisted reproduction techniques.

The safety and effectiveness of the therapy

The effects of PRP injections may vary between individuals, making it difficult to predict results. It depends on the woman's reproductive state before the procedure and her body's response to the treatment Sometimes, a single injection may not be enough, and the process can be repeated, taking the individual situation into account. There are usuallyno noticeable side effects of PRP therapy. Since the patient's blood is used for the injections, no allergic reactions can occur. This procedure has shown promising results since it was firs started in 2015.  Many women restored a regular menstrual cycle, spontaneous ovulation, and as a result, some women could conceive naturally, others succeeded with assisted reproduction techniques. Currently, PRP therapy for infertility treatment is successfully applied in many countries, and there is scientific research which confirm the results.

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