Cultivation of the embryos

Embryo cultivation in the laboratory allows the selection of the best embryos for transfer to the uterus. Embryos are grown until the fifth or sixth day until they reach a higher stage of physiological development. These embryos are called blastocysts.

"EmbryoScope" method

An EmbryoScope is a time-lapse camera. The time-lapse camera provides consistent monitoring of the development of the embryo, allowing selection of only the best and highest quality embryos fir transfer into the uterus. According to experts, the incubator will undoubtedly increase the success rate of the fertilization procedures.

Embryo cultivation in the low-oxygen environment

Scientists of reproductive medicine are continually looking for ways to optimize fertility treatment success while executing in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection procedures. Many studies have been focused on improving the environment in which a human embryo is developed before being transferred to the uterus. It was found that the concentration of oxygen is a significant factor for successful embryonic development. Traditionally, embryos were cultured under oxygen concentration that corresponds to the atmosphere (~20%). However, under natural conditions, the level of oxygen in the environment of the developing embryo is reduced (from 2% to 8%). The analysis of the research data shows the cultivation of embryos in the low oxygen concentration can improve the success of the results after IVF and ICSI, such as the ongoing clinical pregnancy rate and the number of births.

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