About Lithuania

Lithuania is a country in northeastern Europe, on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It is known as the fastest-growing country in medical tourism in the entire Northern region.

Lithuania is a relatively new destination for UK based medical tourists, but those from other European countries have been going to take advantage of the superior care there for years. It is a reliable, safe and comfortable country with rigorous health care requirements. World-class medical professionals and facilities work here, and treatment prices are 30 to 50% cheaper.

Besides, we highly recommend staying in Lithuania longer before or after your treatment and finding the time to admire the unique landscapes, visit authentic cities and towns and beautiful places full of interesting history.

Top 10

of best countries for medical tourism in the world

The best

specialists working with a wide range of treatments

3rd in

Europe with the medical training quality

4.5 doctors

per 1000 population in Lithuania, while the European average is 3.5

Top 10

by the cleanest air countries in Europe


resources of underground mineral water in Lithuania to be used for medical and aesthetic treatment

Why Lithuania?

Treatment abroad

In Lithuania

for excellent value, good prices and high quality medical care.

Take advantage of the superior healthcare

Receive treatment in Lithuania where you will not only receive reliable, safe, convenient and strictly regulated high-quality medical services but also catch a glimpse of the beautiful landscape.

why choose lithuania for medical tourism

Affordable prices

The treatment is accessible to everyone. We offer the highest quality at an affordable price.

Easy to reach

Within few hours from main Western airports, no need for visa.

European quality

Highly qualified medical personnel and modern equipped clinics.

Rehabilitation and tourism

Clean air, perfect hotels, English speaking staff.

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